our story.

Our history begins in Bali, a unique place referred to as "The Island of the Gods" where spirituality and beauty seem to intersect in a divine way ...

It is here that Erica and her mother, Biba, were inspired to create jewelry that is not only beautiful but that empowers natural qualities of a person and promotes healing.

Erica was raised in Italy by a family of goldsmiths who repeatedly visited Bali and other parts of Asia to find minerals and gems. At a very young age, Erica began to learn about many aspects of Balinese culture, learns the language and becomes passionate about yoga and meditation.

Biba impressed with the happiness and strong spirituality of the many communities she visited in Bali and other parts of the Indonesian archipelago, begins to research the mysteries and curing properties of stones and gems, as well as the healing properties of native plants.

Enthralled by the beauty and simplicity of life in Bali, Erica and Biba leave Italy behind and transfer to the Island of the Gods, where life has new meaning and joy ... While Erica begins to teach yoga, Biba begins to practice crystal healing, a technique that employs stones and crystals as healing tools.

Combining their respective passions, and love for each other, as well as the Island of the Gods, Turmeric Collections was formed beginning with a Balinese ceremony at sunset which recognized the strength, passions and beauty of this mother and daughter team.

For Erica and Biba yoga unites with the healing powers of crystals and gives life to Turmeric Collections. The name Turmeric recalls the bright yellow spice which has powerful medicinal properties in Eastern systems of medicine.